The Next Generation of Telematics Technology presented in Prague

The 9th edition of the Telematics Conference for Central and Eastern Europe took place in the beautiful city of Prague, on the 26th of September. The general topic of the conference was related to the next generation of Telematics Technology and CANGO took this opportunity to present the latest concept called “telematics as a service”.... Read More

“The trend is to go to open platform telematics”

Everyone talks about “Internet of Things”, “big data”, and “cloud” services. But nobody wants to buy additional hardware to get access to the CAN-based in-vehicle networks.Vision of fleet telematics in 2025 (Source: Frost & Sullivan) The last two years were intense and in the same time brought an air of change in telematics industry. According... Read More

Telematics Upgraded

CANGO new approach  presented in Dubai Conference The subject of the 5th edition of the Telematics Conference that took place in Dubai at the end of March 2019 referred to Advanced Telematics in Fleet Management. CANGO had a presentation slot in which developed the idea related to advanced telematics solution. As an important player in... Read More