Know today what will happen tomorrow
FLEETCARE - the most advanced predictive maintenance app on the market developed by CANGO
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100% Fault Detection rate on connected systems


100% Problem localization on the connected systems and sub-systems


70% Accuracy of the predictions for the connected systems or sub-systems


FULL available vehicle history that can be sent to garage

You already have the data, use it wisely
with FleetCare and step into the future

Predict future components failure and save money

Keep your vehicles on the road 

Predictive maintenance allows fleet maintenance to be more fluid and better timed, by providing the alerts before the vehicle problems arise, minimizing future damage risks.

Reduce unplanned vehicle downtime

The proliferation of vehicle data can help fleets, and the entire industry, learning from trends and increasing performance.  faster.

Schedule your vehicle servicing based on vehicle needs

By understanding and managing driver and vehicle behavior that can impact your vehicle warranty you can reduce shop time and get your vehicles back in service 

Simplify the decisions you make about your fleet 

Make data driven decisions and find the best fit between the right vehicles and your driving needs. 

The data can give full diagnostic information in advance, improving fuel efficiency, monitoring fuel and component quality and selecting the garages you work with through repair analysis.

How it works ?

Based on vehicle data and fault codes from your telematics devices


A vast amount of data is already collected via the telematics device and other connected hardware or sensors, such as position, speed, trip distance/time, idling, harsh braking and driving, seat belt, fuel consumption, vehicle faults, battery voltage, and other engine data.


Using an API all the data is being brought in the fleetcare platform. And here is where the magic begins. With advanced algorithms such as Machine Learning techniques and Artificial Intelligence, the data sets of daily trips are analyzed for warnings detection and future predictions.


After detecting the warnings, future predictions are made, and all the information goes back to the user. With predictive analytics, all the patterns are being recognized, identifying problems before they occur. Predictive maintenance brings fewer but better data and meaningful insights that can help fleet managers avoid data overload.

Drive more value from your existing fleets

Take preemptive action on upcoming faultsand fault escalation
with cross-fleet data analytics

Optimize your maintenance schedules and service vehicles exactly when they need it.

Reduce over servicing, vehicle downtime and reactive issue management on your fleets.

Provide health management and prognosis for your fleet.

Identify faults fast and resolve issues first time

Need guidance?

Unplanned downtime? Fleetcare analyses data by using your existing telematics devices and detects a problem in the vehicle behavior near-time. Now you know before it happens!

Hazardous failures? With Fleetcare, you can automatically diagnose machine failure, ensure availability, guarantee uptime, and keep your employees safe. Make sure your fault diagnosis is accurate and reliable!

How about planned maintenance? With advanced algorithms such as Machine Learning techniques and Artificial Intelligence, Fleetcare enables fault prediction from 2 up to 90 days before a critical fault. So you can wave goodbye to unplanned, expensive, and disruptive downtime!

Save money and improve customer satisfaction with better and reliable fleet decisions.  With Fleetcare you can proactively manage your fleets by instantly comparing pre and post- fix data and reducing reactive issue management. 



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Gianpiero Nicola
ZF Friedrichshafen AG Division ZF Aftermarket
"We choose CANGO as GreenRoad ECM product, the reason for choosing CANGO. We tested the product and found it suitable for our requirements and our customer's needs."
Motti Kalif
Director Global Operations
"We have found the product to be reliable and flexible and the support from CANGO has been fantastic"
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