The last two years were intense and in the same time brought an air of change in telematics industry. According to the studies and reports that are available, at this point many acquisitions and optic changes took place in the market. In addition, the requirements in the market are different and the regulations are new. The trend is moving to “smart” cities approach, “smart” mobility and self-driving transportation.

In the automotive industry, if we talk about small passenger cars or big fleet of trucks, the main aspect in the discussion is the value gained by using each type of vehicle. Mirroring this into services area the focus is similar and it is moving from TCO (total cost of ownership) to value created. The users are looking for solutions that are more reliable with the possibility of updating them in time without adding any new hardware. Soon we will talk about vehicle as a service, car as a service, or vehicle as a marketplace. The value will consist in the number and quality of the application accessed in each vehicle or telematics devices.

Mobility and Smart Cities

  • Vehicle diagnosis
  • Predict traffic patterns
  • Shape driving behavior
  • Usage Based Insurance
  • Decrease CO2 emissions
  • Reduce speeding and harsh braking
  • Optimize urban infrastructure projects
  • Enhance sustainability
  • Public Transportation

    • Fuel consumption
    • Driver scoring
    • Reduce CO2 emissions
    • Better environment
    • Traffic management
    • Increase safety
    • Predictive maintenance
    • Driving hours

    Because of the emerge of ITS (Intelligent Transportation System) and smart cities initiatives, the commercial telematics solutions are implemented in public transportation markets. Even if we talk about in-city transportations or commute between cities, the telematics solution is the key element related to the time efficiency and safety and greener environment.

    CANGO solution for public transportation offers a lot of advantages and benefits for the PTO, PTA and in the same time contributes at building a better environment through smart city approach.

    CANGO is associated member of ITxPT and has a strong knowledge when it comes of vehicle to IP implementation and data related to driver scoring and predictive maintenance applications. CANGO technology is suitable for various participants involved in public transportation industry, from municipality authority and PTO or PTA to Traffic Management and Transport& Drivers Management companies.

    Car Sharing and Ride Hailing

    CANGO provides car sharing companies with real-time information on the conditions of the vehicle and related to the manner of how the driver is using the vehicles. The solution developed by CANGO in car sharing vehicles give the companies the ability to control and immobilize a vehicle to prevent any unauthorized driver from using it.

    CANGO technology offers end-to-end shared mobility, fleet management and insurance telematics technologies and solutions for car and ride sharing operators, corporate fleet and peer-to-peer shared mobility communities.

    • Open and close the vehicle with the smartphone
    • Real time information
    • Immobilize the engine from distance
    • Enhance vehicle management
    • Maintenance Management
    • Smart data capture
    • Security alerts
    • Automated solutions

    Trailer Solutions

    CANGO hardware gives you essential information about the trailer. The data set from the trailer is unified with the truck’s data, so with only one piece of equipment, the truck & trailer data cat be retrieved without adding any additional sensor or hardware.

    • Payload temperature
    • Wheel based speed
    • Axle load
    • Vehicle retarder control
    • Tyre pressure
    • Brake Temperature
    • Vehicle pneumatic supply
    • Percentage of retarder

    The CANGO Diagnose Solution is designed to give you the most important MIL/DTC alerts in real-time. Fast response to a fault detected in a vehicle can help prevent major damages by being able to address any issue faster.

    By utilizing diagnostic reports to illustrate problems of a vehicle at any given point of time, you will have access to:

    • Alerts on potential vehicle problems
    • Root cause of vehicle failures
    • Guidelines regarding corrective actions
    • Improved vehicle reliability

    Diagnose Solutions

    Vehicle toIP

    Vehicles have lots of data being transmitted internally and externally, that need to be managed and centralized throughout a Gateway. CANGO assures the integrity of the vehicle database regardless of which FMS system is connected, providing message translation across differing vehicle networks.

    Remote DTCO

    Fleet management is made easier with tachograph data that can be remotely downloaded. With CANGO Remote DTCO you can remove the manually collected tacho data and have a secure and constant collection of information. Taking this forward, you can increase the visibility of your fleet with real-time downloads!