CANGO CANbus Service offers more than just streaming the vehicles CAN data. Our CANbus Service process the data inside your telematics device by using state of the art algorithms. Our Android component use our 10 years of experience in Telematics CANbus field, also based on the expertize of our vehicle gateway’s awarded by Frost&Sullivan as the best one from European market.


Technologies and services awarded by Frost & Sullivan

  • On-line & on-site technical support
  • On-line & on-site technical training
  • Customization possibility
  • Comprehensive vehicle CANbus installation information delivered by our Support application/freshdesk
  • CANbus Development Kit for fast integration in your telematics solution
  • CANfigurator software for logging CANbus data from any type of vehicles


  • CANGO CANbus Service empowers you to read any Vehicle CAN data from any industry
  • Reading and calculating CANbus data from all EU, LATAM and US HGV’s, Trailers, LCV’s, Buses & Coaches, passengers cars, Construction, Mining, Agricultural equipment’s (J1939/Proprietary Messages)
  • Your telematics device will act like a FMS interface
  • Deliver a FMS 4.0 data set structure
  • Easy to use & integrate API that delivers data to your applications
  • Free update and new vehicle implementation
  • Flexibility, control and transferability of licenses
  • Best price policy based on User Subscription Licenses