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You get your own product from design to the final integration

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Our Products​

Through our products, we thrive to offer more than just streaming data. FMS interface processes the data inside using state of the art algorithms, calculating better and more parameters even than vehicle manufacturer interface. CANGOclick reads vehicle signals without making a wire to wire connection. This technology guarantees that no intrusive signals are sent to the vehicle CANbus or J-bus. LUCAS is a Driver Performance Assistant based on a special LED’s dashboard connected with FMS interface which performs a fully settable Driver Behavior algorithm that includes 49 parameters calculated in real-time.
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Our Services​

Our solutions connect telematics and mobility at a whole new level, aiming for safer vehicles and more efficient transportation and logistics. Nowadays, fleet management solutions are a must-have in each and every type of automobile. And our CANbus Service comes to process the data inside your telematics device by using state of the art algorithms. Above that, LUCAS is a Driver Performance Assistant application connected with CANGO CANbus Service which performs a comprehensive and fully settable Driver Behavior algorithm that includes 49 parameters calculated in real-time.
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Accuracy of data

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to warranty issues

2 Years

Warranty with posibility of extension (or up to 5 years warranty)


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About us

Who We Are

We are a company with more than 10 years of experience in the field of measurement and signal processing, providing innovative and integrated solutions for worldwide clients operating in areas like logistics, transportation, construction or agriculture. We always strive to remain competitive and building strong relationships with our customers and partners. Likewise, active learning, sharing knowledge, working directly with customers, and being open to feedback are actions taken to build better experiences and better products.

Clients and Partners

They Trust Us

More than 10 years of experience in the field of measurement and vehicle data signal processing.

Use cases

With extensive experience around Europe and other important areas of the globe, CANGO technologies developed a high end and comprehensive solution for various industries. CANGO solutions can help in managing your everyday operations, providing tailored and scalable solutions for your fleet by using state-of-art-algorithms. We bring to you in real-time the essential vehicle parameters from the CAN bus of the vehicle.  

Latest topics

We are proud to be part of the visionaries who brought telematics to a whole new level in the “EV 20 innovative Telematics Solution Providers 2020”, an annual list of 20 companies providing innovative Telematics solutions. According to Enterprise Viewpoint, Telematics is helping a wide range of sectors in renovating their structure, and all these organizations are still motivated to disrupt the current market trends



"Cango is reliable partner with high flexibility. Cango has a fast rate of responsibility and great services related to sales and support, with competitive prices."
Gianpiero Nicola
ZF Friedrichshafen AG Division ZF Aftermarket
"We choose CANGO as GreenRoad ECM product, the reason for choosing CANGO. We tested the product and found it suitable for our requirements and our customer's needs."
Motti Kalif
Director Global Operations
"We have found the product to be reliable and flexible and the support from CANGO has been fantastic"
Adam Shardlow
Vehicle Technologies
"Our collaboration with Cango went smoothly from the first day we had the first call. We found a reliable and experienced partner in implementing the Canbus services. This type of approach is very innovative, and when it comes to mobility and fleet management, innovation is one of the key words. Cango team is a group of professionals, especially when it comes to vehicles."
Eli Avivi
"We are so glad about Miningtag and Cango partnership! CANGO brings us the possibility to integrate more data to our Mining fleet management platform. In this way, our customers can make better decisions about the yield of their fleets taking care of the vehicle's maintenance. CANGO FMS Interface is compact, simple, and an excellent Interface, but also CANGO support has allowed us to integrate their hardware in our systems, including new vehicle models and then find more customers, or expand our contracts."
Francisco Cantillana Osorio
Mining TAG

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