Award from Frost and Sullivan

CANGO receives Customer Values Leadership Award from Frost and Sullivan

CANGO Technologies has been awarded by Frost and Sullivan with 2018 European FMS Interface and CANbus Solutions Customer Values Leadership Award.

Romania-based CANGO Technologies (CANGO) is a pioneer in the FMS CANbus solutions market. The interface’s features include FMS 3.0, driver behavior, driver scoring, driver performance assistant, Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS), Trailer integrated, and digital tachograph live data. All these features are combined in a unique hardware package that can be easily mounted to all vehicle segments, including heavy commercial vehicles (HCVs), light commercial vehicles (LCVs), buses, coaches, passenger cars, agricultural equipment, construction equipment, and mining equipment. CANGO offers elaborate services with its efficient CANGO FMS Interface, which provides twice the value for its price. (Frost and Sullivan Best Practices Research Report)

“It is a great honor and the most important validation that a company can get. Besides great products, great features, great customization, great people inside to achieve Leadership in Customer Value is something that each company would like to have. Getting this award from Frost and Sullivan it is more important to us and brings a lot of value.
In the same time we are very conscious that this award will set new standards and we will always target high and premium services. For the future CANGO will continue to answer to the most provocative requests with the same love and passion that drove us here”

Puiu Dumitru CANGO’s CEO

CANGO will continue to benefit from its well-established customer base built over the last 10 years, its lineup of disruptive products and technologies, and well-configured revenue plans in the coming years, standing firm as a strong name in the FMS interface market.
With its strong overall performance, CANGO has earned Frost & Sullivan’s 2018 Customer Value Leadership Award. (Frost and Sullivan Best Practices Research Report)

CANGO – The first Romanian company who joined ITxPT as an Associated Member

Starting  with March 2018 CANGO Technologies will be a one of the Associated Members of ITxPT (Information Technology for Public Transportation) and will continue development and implementation of standards for the IT-systems applied to public transportation. CANGO is the first Romanian company joining ITxPT and will cooperate with big players in transportation industry on the development and implementation of standards for plug-and-play IT-systems applied to public transport. An integrated test bench offers services to specify, test, qualify and showcase IT solutions.

With an experience of more than 10 years in the telematics sector as a top developer of products and solutions for CANbus and vehicle data signals, CANGO makes a new step for innovation. CANGO provides innovative and integrated solutions for a different range of industries like logistics, transportation, construction or agricultural.

“We are very glad to announce our membership in ITxPT. During the past years we developed a lot of customized projects for public transportation companies in Europe and Australia. Becoming a member of ITxPT organization will open a lot of opportunities. In the same time we will be closer to an industry which is always on the move and requesting an innovating approach for eco-driving and driving behavior”, said Puiu Dumitru, CANGO CEO.

About ITxPT:

The ITxPT (Information Technology for Public Transport) Initiative aims to further cooperate on the implementation of standards for plug-and-play IT-systems applied to public transport. An integrated test bench offers services to specify, test, qualify and showcase IT solutions. The IT architecture developed in the European Bus System of the Future project has paved the way to cost effective deployment of digital systems on board public transport vehicles and for backoffice applications, securing open environment and constant competition. This standard IT architecture for Public Transport specifies communication protocols and hardware interfaces to offer a full interoperability of IT systems in PT applications.


Monetizing Telematics Data

Monetizing Telematics Data became a subject with a lot of interest since the technology evolved and the internet, mobility, smart-devices and cloud-based data management expanded.

CANGO was proud to participate at the 7th edition of Telematics Conference because through its activity is part of this global trend. Before passing to monetizing data, one of the most important aspects is gathering the data and the way you do it. Accuracy is our main purpose and we always worked how the data are get and furthermore how they are used.

That is why CANGO has decided to move forward and is planning to launch a new product which will meet the industry challenges and for sure will help the users, fleet managers, TSPs and business owners to turn data into money.

Besides the great and interactive session we took part at, CANGO had the honor to be the lunch break sponsor. As it said that good things are having a way of coming together we want to think that CANGO offered a new start for great projects at this Telematics Conference Edition in Bratislava.



Having Lunch with CANGO!

CANGO made sure that the lunch break during the Telematics Conference was a good a pleasant way to start new business discussion and consolidate the old ones.

As lunch break sponsor for the 6th Telematics Conference SEEurope, which was held in Budapest, CANGO offered to all participants a tasty and rich lunch.


During the TCSEE we took the chance to identify new business opportunities and in the same time to discuss with our existing partners about the future plans and about the product that CANGO is about to launch.

“We would like to thank once again to our partners for the trust and confidence and we assure them that the new product will define a new level in Fleet Management and Telematics Industry. It will be one device and limitless solutions”, said Puiu Dumitru, CEO.

CANGO is specialized in CANbus solutions with a great experience in this area. The company proved its’ ability and determination to accomplish the clients’ needs and for the future projects will work with the same courage, passion and confidence. For more information about CANGO products you can write an email at [email protected]


CANGO prepared the Atlantic 4 boat to be launched

On the 11th of August 2016 CANGO Team was part at the Launching Event of the Atlantic4 team.

Atlantic 4 will cross the Atlantic Ocean in a rowing boat and CANGO as Technological Partner prepared the boat in order to be ready and safe for its mission.


Few weeks before the launching event CANGO Technical Team worked really close in order to fulfill all the needs and in the same time to prepare and test the boat for the big mission of crossing the Atlantic Ocean and fundraise for an humanitarian cause.

„Some things seem impossible to achieve. Sometime we cannot even imagine them. Because we are confident with what we are doing and we believe in the uniqueness of our project we choosed to take part in this project and support the first Romanian Team who will cross the Atlantic Ocean in a rowing boat. It was not easy at all to make all the technology functional but with determination and hard work we manage to put all the things together. We are very pleased and satisfied about the result and we cannot wait to be part of the actual race,” CANGO TEAM „

The partnership between CANGO and Atlantic 4 is a natural one because we are sharing the same values in day by day life. We like to inovate and make new things and the challanges define our will of development. CANGO is an important player in the telematics industry and we will prove once again that we are a dedicated and serious partner”. (Puiu Dumitru, CEO CANGO)

During the next year competition the Romanian team can be followed live on CANGO will offer tehnical support on the whole competition period and will be in charge with communication so the team will be able to send updates from the middle of the ocean.

CANGO is well known in telematics industry and already proved the innovative character. In the same time with involving in this unique project CANGO is developing a revolutionary product for the telematics industry which will help all the users to have abetter knowledge and vision about their business.

About Atlantic 4

Crossing the Atlantic is never an easy undertaking, but people have been making the journey for hundreds of years. CANGO will join this amazing journey as Tech partner for the first Romanian team who will attend the world’s toughest row. The main purpose of the team is to fundraise for children with cancer and build a camp for them. We are all pushed by the same goals we believe that nothing is impossible and Success is a basket of small efforts.