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Telematics Upgraded

CANGO new approach  presented in Dubai Conference

The subject of the 5th edition of the Telematics Conference that took place in Dubai at the end of March 2019 referred to Advanced Telematics in Fleet Management.

CANGO had a presentation slot in which developed the idea related to advanced telematics solution. As an important player in the industry and the recipient of the Frost and Sullivan Award in CANbus solution, CANGO involved the participants at the conference in order to define together some characteristics of what an Advanced Telematics solution is or should be.

Collaboration, Innovation, capacity of adding new features and functionalities, openness level, easy to implement solution were just few of the main ideas developed during the conference.

“We took this opportunity and announced one of our new products, or better said, we announced the shift that our company is making in this moment.  All the functionalities that we offered until now inside our hardware are ready to be offered as applications on third party open platform telematics units. In this way we want and we are able to license our knowledge in any telematics devices and it is not only CANbus libraries but also we build applications like Driver Performance Assistance, MIL&DTC codes, Tacho, FMS2IP, car sharing or any other application that a partner can imagine”. (Bianca Barbu, CMO)

Related to the idea presented and the shift of the company into applications area and CANbus services, CANGO announced also the partnership with one of the biggest players on the market, TomTom. The company choose to partnership with CANGO for the CAnbus services and application based on them for TomTom Bridge Hub.

CANbus Services for Android is a Cango component that runs in the background of a third party telematics device without any user interaction or interface, except the one for configuring it. Service runs with a higher priority than inactive or invisible activities and therefore it is less likely that the Android system terminates them for resource management. For more details write at [email protected]

CANGO part of MobiGoin Action

CANGO – the only South European Company selected to be part of MobiGoIn Action


November 19th and November 20th were dedicated to Smart Mobility in Paris. MobiGoIn Action selected a number of 34 companies around Europe in order to take part in the Matchmaking Event in the Acceleration Program for USA/Canada. The second day was dedicated to Imagine Mobility Meetings organized by Mov’eo, in partnership with Ravi and Paris Region Entreprises.

CANGO is the only company representing the SEE Region at this event. After the presentations, it was time for the companies to get to know one another and to gain some understanding of each others’ businesses. Each SME had 1 minute to present their business in the form of a pitch. After all the pitches, the matchmaking began. Before the event, all the companies had a chance to request who they wanted to meet, so that MobiGoIn -Action project team could matchmake all the companies according to their expressed wishes and different areas of expertise.

Imagine Mobility Meeting is a smart mobility eventwith focus on automotive and smart mobility including tech meetings, B2B business meetings, startup exhibitions and workshops. Over 200 companies participated to explore new business relations and to get more knowledge in the automotive business.

Smart Mobility is transforming from a concept to a reality in more and more cities. During this event CANGO learned a lot by the experiences in other countries and in ready to bring more value on the table when we related to autonomous driving, car-sharing, smart cities and smart mobility.


About MobiGoIn

MobiGoIn – Action aims to establish a Smart Mobility focused on European Strategic Clusters Partnership to promote clusters’ internationalisation. This by developing a strategy aimed at supporting SMEs in their internationalisation processes beyond Europe; and to intensify clusters and networks collaboration across borders.

MobiGoIn – Action’s main focus regards a sustainable, smart and safe mobility in metropolitan areas, achieved through the implementation of solutions and systems for intelligent and cooperative transport, intermodal and sustainable mobility for the citizens and sustainable urban freight logistics.

The Power of Telematics

Leveraging the Power of Telematics. Education and Collaboration in the industry

On September 27, in Warsaw, Poland took place the eighth edition of the Telematics Conference for Central and Eastern Europe.

The main topic of the conference was “Telematics Industry Collaborations” and CANGO participated actively by being part of the panel in which were discussed the trends and ideas about leveraging the power of telematics.

One important stage in telematics industry is education. In most of the case, due to economic situation, people started looking for cheap solution losing their focus from quality. In most of the cases, the experience proves that a cheap solution will be in the end more expensive, even if we talk about telematics, electronic consumer goods or other products. That is why education is very important so companies will look for value added.

Telematics industry plays a crucial role when it comes to smart cities, for example. Without the information related to vehicles and drivers, the smart city strategy cannot be developed properly. If in the past years we were talking about connected vehicles and then IoT, nowadays the concepts are even more developed and it is very important how this information are correlated with the environment. In addition, AI is another aspect that should be taken into consideration so the whole ecosystem is part of this process that is continuously evolving.

CANGO also was present with a booth where the attendees had the chance to see the latest development of the company and discuss the future project opportunities and possible partnership. Two new products were presented including the future telematics platform as a service that the company will launch it soon.

“We know that the big data make the world go round and we want to value these information is algorithms which will bring value and results to any user in the market. Our goal is build a new platform and open it for our partners. In this way we will help the customers educate and choose exactly what they will need from the same place without switching from a platform to another and in the same time we will help the telematics supplier providers to increase their revenues.”

Bianca Barbu, CMO

For more details and information, you can write at [email protected]

Award from Frost and Sullivan

CANGO receives Customer Values Leadership Award from Frost and Sullivan

CANGO Technologies has been awarded by Frost and Sullivan with 2018 European FMS Interface and CANbus Solutions Customer Values Leadership Award.

Romania-based CANGO Technologies (CANGO) is a pioneer in the FMS CANbus solutions market. The interface’s features include FMS 3.0, driver behavior, driver scoring, driver performance assistant, Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS), Trailer integrated, and digital tachograph live data. All these features are combined in a unique hardware package that can be easily mounted to all vehicle segments, including heavy commercial vehicles (HCVs), light commercial vehicles (LCVs), buses, coaches, passenger cars, agricultural equipment, construction equipment, and mining equipment. CANGO offers elaborate services with its efficient CANGO FMS Interface, which provides twice the value for its price. (Frost and Sullivan Best Practices Research Report)

“It is a great honor and the most important validation that a company can get. Besides great products, great features, great customization, great people inside to achieve Leadership in Customer Value is something that each company would like to have. Getting this award from Frost and Sullivan it is more important to us and brings a lot of value.
In the same time we are very conscious that this award will set new standards and we will always target high and premium services. For the future CANGO will continue to answer to the most provocative requests with the same love and passion that drove us here”

Puiu Dumitru CANGO’s CEO

CANGO will continue to benefit from its well-established customer base built over the last 10 years, its lineup of disruptive products and technologies, and well-configured revenue plans in the coming years, standing firm as a strong name in the FMS interface market.
With its strong overall performance, CANGO has earned Frost & Sullivan’s 2018 Customer Value Leadership Award. (Frost and Sullivan Best Practices Research Report)

CANGO – The first Romanian company who joined ITxPT as an Associated Member

Starting  with March 2018 CANGO Technologies will be a one of the Associated Members of ITxPT (Information Technology for Public Transportation) and will continue development and implementation of standards for the IT-systems applied to public transportation. CANGO is the first Romanian company joining ITxPT and will cooperate with big players in transportation industry on the development and implementation of standards for plug-and-play IT-systems applied to public transport. An integrated test bench offers services to specify, test, qualify and showcase IT solutions.

With an experience of more than 10 years in the telematics sector as a top developer of products and solutions for CANbus and vehicle data signals, CANGO makes a new step for innovation. CANGO provides innovative and integrated solutions for a different range of industries like logistics, transportation, construction or agricultural.

“We are very glad to announce our membership in ITxPT. During the past years we developed a lot of customized projects for public transportation companies in Europe and Australia. Becoming a member of ITxPT organization will open a lot of opportunities. In the same time we will be closer to an industry which is always on the move and requesting an innovating approach for eco-driving and driving behavior”, said Puiu Dumitru, CANGO CEO.

About ITxPT:

The ITxPT (Information Technology for Public Transport) Initiative aims to further cooperate on the implementation of standards for plug-and-play IT-systems applied to public transport. An integrated test bench offers services to specify, test, qualify and showcase IT solutions. The IT architecture developed in the European Bus System of the Future project has paved the way to cost effective deployment of digital systems on board public transport vehicles and for backoffice applications, securing open environment and constant competition. This standard IT architecture for Public Transport specifies communication protocols and hardware interfaces to offer a full interoperability of IT systems in PT applications.